Stolen from liek lots of people. Cass = Rane, for anyone who knows me as Rane.

I _______ Cass.
Cass is ________.
Cass thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of Cass I think of ________.
I want Cass to _______ me.
If I were alone in a room with Cass I would _______.
I think Cass should _____.
Cass needs ______.
I want to ____________ Cass.
If I could describe Cass in a word: _______.
Cass will never ______.
Cass can ______ my _______.
I hope Cass never _____.
I _____ Cass because _______


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...You know, I didn't notice who made this until I actually took it. Eek, I've soiled my LJ with an Ikura memegen ;)
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Sick sick sick.

I had a bit of a cold yesterday, but today I woke up and just felt awful. I can barely talk and I certainly don't want to be moving around. Going on the computer and laying down are about the only things I can tolerate.

Here's where I get a little pissed off. Last night was my birthday party. It was a sleepover. I know when I passed ou tthe invitations I said you could stay as long as you wanted, but how the Hell was I supposed to predict I was going to feel this sick? No, I'm not going to make you breakfast, no, I'm not going to play Smash Bros. Melee. And I cewrtainly don't appreciate you poking me with different items and drawing on my face to get me to wake up. Okay, it's funny when I'm just being lazy and sleeping in, but I told you I'm sick and don't want to move around. You could leave whenever you wanted to. I didn't make you stay here with boring ol' me. In fact, I'd prefer it if you left so I can have a bath and make myself some soup.

If you insist on staying, at least be polite. Yes, I know I'm the hostess. I know I invited you over. But if I'm really damn sick and ask you not to talk to me too much because I'm losing my voice, that means I don't want you to ask me a Smash Bros. question every five seconds.

I dunno, maybe I'm just being pissy. Okay, bath time now that I'm finally alone.

Oh noes!

I haven't made any journal entries in a long time.

I haven't made any haiku in a long time. I'm sure you're all lost without them. Lost, dangit!

Well. Yes. The reason for my lack of updates is that I have been working so hard on my schoolwork. I'm really having trouble in certain classes, and I think working on them is far more important than updating my LiveJournal, or anything on the computer for that matter.


Ahahahaha! Wooohahahaha! That was a good one, no? Yeah. I've just been kinda lazy, and I've been RPing. Sorry school, you have failed to take me to the dark side this time. Try again next year.


I really don't have much to post, but I need to do a haiku. In light of my lack of postings, today will be a HAIKU DOUBLE WHAMMY.

By Me

Spaghetti is good
With noodles and meatballs
And tomato sauce.

Whale Feti
By Me

Whales having sex
Produce much whale feti
More than one fetus.